Shiatsu Massage
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Shiatsu is a Japanese massage therapy that pressing the tsubos - vital points along the body, that make up the energy channels called meridians , to balance your “ki” or vital energy, encouraging your system to heal itself .

Indication of shiatsu: the treatment is effective for organic imbalances, muscle aches, back pain, emotional states, headache, stress and also relaxation. Provides an improvement in the health and wellbeing.

The therapists Paula Guimarães and Fernando Montoto are formed by Oki Do International Institute - School founded by Masahiro Oki - in Mishima, Japan.

Paula and Fernando set up and run the Okido Body Therapy, based in Sao Paulo. Apply and share their knowledge and clinical experience gained over more than 30 years of practice in the care and courses that teach in various parts of Brazil, and countries such as Japan, the United States, Mexico and Argentina, with the intention of bringing more health to their students and customers.

Paula and Fernando also applies other Eastern techniques as Kanrenbuí, the Su Jok, the Auriculotherapy, and Onnetsu therapy if is necessary for more efficient treatment.

Much more than a massage, shiatsu is a natural way of strengthening the vital energy and maintains health and wellbeing.

Facial Shiatsu – 70 minutes

Value: R$ 200,00

Body Shiatsu – 70 minutes

Value: R$ 200,00

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